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Engana by MarkMyBirds
Fiedel: The Magpie by MarkMyBirds
Cobalt by MarkMyBirds
Jaw by MarkMyBirds
I'll probably add colouring. I am like that. Please specify if you do not want colour to magically pop up!
These are primarily usually doodles of whatever you want.

I will do couples for you, please don't be shy. If you want more then 2 people I will have to add more of a cost to it.
Design me a Birdth!
Bird Painting by MarkMyBirds
Even though Tiberius(The birdy's an OC) isn't a bird the moment I painted him, friendlies went crazy for them!
Give me a colour palette and if you really want to, give me a bird you'd like me to give homage to in design and/or in body? I'll have fun!
Paintings/Detailed Works
Of Gold and Silver by MarkMyBirds
Landscape for a Friend by MarkMyBirds
Blue Ref Sheet by MarkMyBirds
Bird Painting by MarkMyBirds
White Rabbit by MarkMyBirds
IDK how long these would take me but I do love painting them!
Anything over 2 characters will raise up the price!

I will do anything that is animal, anthro, humans etc. I have no preference in gender :).
I do not want to do overly smutty things.. I'm sorry just not my thing.


I was given permission <3. They were given to her to answer!

1. How long have you been drawing?

Drawing? Since I could remember, I picked up art because of my sister who I'll call Z! here. Others know her as Nerp, or Exclaimed. Butt.. I'll be easy on ya. Z was very into art and is 6 years older then I am. I was also the kind of kid who didn't get out often and I tended to get sick easily and I was rather ill. Because of her I got into things like videogaming and drawing. At first it was just something that was almost a therapy for things I didn't quite understand at the time. One of them was I grew up not understanding the fact others thought a Divorced family wasn't normal for a child. But my Mum and dad divorced when I was shy a year old. It was a coping mechanism. I also, when I was 8 was toyed around with in the school system and had to repeat a year in grade 3, so I had used art to get me through the second grade 3 year.
I started into art heavily when I was around 7-9. I watched my teenaged sister expand her arting capabilities digitally and began to exercise my own. All of my siblings (Z is my blood sister and we have three awesome step brothers.. They're more my actual brothers than anything) are much older than me and had made decisions when I was still a child and growing up. So I gather I made decisions earlier in life than most kids. I knew I would someday be an art teacher or go into the Fine Arts program somewhere when I was 13.
I got to dabble in things my parents(when I say this I mean my step dad and Mum) couldn't afford when I was 15 in grade 9. I found out that I loved to use drawing tools but painting still caught my attention as I loved the challenge it gave me. 

2. Have you worked/work in the industry?
I actually have worked in the industry. If you mean in the sense if I contribute to things, I have done a few pieces that have shown up in shows. Though nothing extravagant. This September after I get married I'll be diving into my third year in University for a Fine Arts Major. I am trying to be an art teacher, but while I'm in University I will be attending galleries and writing reviews. The Art Scene in this city is a good size and there are many self-owned galleries. One of them is run by the Drawing Professor in my Uni. I will be attending a Juried Exhibition hopefully too where I can take a try at being in a gallery.
In my fourth year I will be hopefully granted the alright to use Studio time and work at a Graduation Gallery. :D.

3. Do you have any WIP or existing stories including your characters?
I have many, many headworlds. When I was a little girl I created characters to find comfort in my messy life, being 6 years younger than the closest sibling in age you tend to need something to hold onto while they all move on in life. Though I do still to this day hold a healthy relationship with at least Z and I try my hardest to talk to our brothers. I have so many existing Stories and WIPs that I would probably write a 1000 page book and then some on it. I can never store them in a book because they, like me, are ever-changing. 

4. Can you show me your first OC?
I have two 'first OCs' but I don't have any art of one of them; the art I do is outdated by a bit. As I have remodeled her to be more like her personality calls for. Her name is Shadow, because hey, I liked shadows when I was a little girl :P.
My second OC is on my older gallery from when I was younger. Her name is BraveHeart which is not after the movie lol..

5. Is art your profession or a hobby?
It's neither. It's a Passion.
I guess down the road it may result to both in some aspects. I wish to become a teacher, because I love to teach others techniques and I enjoy helping those who don't grasp something, grasp it.

6. You invent a human/humanoid couple. Which one is the male which one is the female? (If you have existing one, what is it?)
I do have existing ones :D. I'm pretty sure I do anyways XD.

7. If I asked you to draw any fanart right now, what would you draw?
I HAVE been dabbling in fan art :). Pokemon really. But that's just because I am not a big fan-artist. I think I'd go with some Beyond the Boundary too :D. Or Dark Souls I and II/Demon's Souls.. And Dragon's Dogma lol. I have done some Skyrim/Oblivion things too for my fiance for fun

8. What sort of environment inspires you most?
I like listening to music.. Anywhere.. And I really love it when I enjoy the project I have to do and I am free of anyone pressing things on my shoulders?

9. What animal inspires you most? (Anatomically for example)
ANATOMICALLY.. Well many would say this but Canines. I love Canines.
But something to know about me; Birds are amazing and they are so interesting. I find them more interesting than Canines at most times. My favourite animal is actually the owl. Wolves are among the top three but Owls hit me at number one. Deer/Caribou and Rabbits/Hares are also at the tops. Hare legs are SO intriguing.

10. What's the most challenging piece of art you've done?
I am what you call a Varied artist. I dabble in a lot of things because of my major, because I am like that. I love making things hard for myself.
I think when it comes to challenging pieces of art in total; something I am doing but I dislike. It is SO hard to do a piece I have no soul for. If I am doing a commission that doesn't charge me with want I have to find and tweak something in the art to make it fun for me.
Projects are tough buggers. But my professors in my University are more like "Mentors". They are not there to change us; they are there to help us make us more of an artist.
The hardest projects and art styles I have found were: Casting and Molding things in Rubber and Plaster Here's an Inside look too I painted it to look like a couch inside a mug. I kind of wanna paint a picture of this.. But I LOVE Hydro-cal/Plaster after you mold. Sooo beautiful. And I have to say the artist damned art style I have ever had to take on is print making. Which in my Third Year I have to do Intaglio and Screen-Printing.. This gun be fun. Oh and also I've painted in Wax before. That's not fun either. OK it was fun, but I am highly afraid of fire and burning myself. I say this but my favourite camping past time is building fires and torching marsh mellows and making myself sick from them.
OH And Making Canvases by hand during my second year-first semester was a bitch too. In the end you feel like just having a gessoed painting was a piece of art in its own.
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