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I want to do commissions I can distribute quickly on my time off from life.
(AHAHAHAA.. HAHAHAHA.. God I am funny. :<.) Keep reading.

I will do two types of commissions. These won't be fully painted wonders. They will be either sketches, no colour. Or sketches with flat colouring. Here's an index because I know making a huge essay about this turns people:
  1. Pricing Info (Really easy)
  2. How to Order (Please read me)
    What I will Do
    What I won't Do
  3. How long will my commission take? - Things to know about Nami/Birdy
  4. FAQ

Pricing Info

I am a weirdo. Don't take these prices into any mathematical idea, this is just my.. weird brain at work.

Paypal only.

  • Head Shot - 2$
  • Bust Shot - 3$
  • Full Body - 5$
  • Every added character - 1$ 
  • If a meaningful gift and there are like 5 Characters you want drawn I will consider a sale price? 

How to Order


  1. Get any questions you have out of your head and on a comment in this journal thread.
  2. Once you feel comfortable and are ready to order.. note me on DA, or email me at the commission you will want. If you want a form or anything scroll down to the last part of this post. If in the form I use these things () and put an explaination.. Pleaassee just erase the () and put your answer. I know what suggestions I put in those. Itypedthem.
  3. Once you get my email back saying if I accept or not; you will get my paypal.
  4. Do not pay me till after I am done your sketch. If you feel uncomfy doing this and want to send me over the money I promise I will not spend it/claim the money from my paypal account until I am completely done your comm. Please understand I know how people can be mean and not pay their peeps and I will be watermarking anything until I get the payment. And this watermark will not be nice :>. So it won't be easily taken off. (I am mean.. Sorry. But these aren't free).

What I will Do

  • Anthros, Animals, Humans, Humanoids, Wings, Both genders, Dragons, Birds
  • Couples (Please tell me if your addition to a character will be mingling with the first one, or if it'll be like.. two bust shots of platonic and/or not even looking at each other sorts of things). Iamalsonotbiasedagainst anything.
  • Personal Species..
  • Challenges. COME. AT. ME. BRO.

What I won't Do

  • Smutty Pron stuff. (Flirty people are ok. So are mostly-naked. I will be weirdo and probably bend clothe around them.)
  • Big ass mecha things (I FREAKINGLOVEMECHSOMG. I just. Suck. But I will do like.. Humans with mecha-parts. That's easy. I mean like.. I can't draw Gipsy Danger or Jehuty like I wish I could. I freaking love you people who can.. JELLY JELLY WAVES OF JELOUSY)
  • I am not at all against gay couplings but I won't draw them kissyfacing  and upload them to DA. It's not because I think it's disgusting I am just a friend with people on both sides. (So like.. People who are tolerant of it but don't want to be faced with it. And people who are gay and I freaking love you both.) I am a very open and calm person. I have bffs who are gay and we totally giggle over things together :>. But I also have tolerant christian friends because I am not biased about religions and I won't be changing myself. HOWEVER I will draw couplings holding hands. There is romance in just one looking at the other person
  • I will not draw polygamist characters. (Please understand this doesn't mean friendly characters. This is like.. harem-esque marriaged peoples. I am not against it. I'm just a monogamist and I personally can't understand the psychology behind it.. Understand that I am not saying don't live like this. I am just wording my own discomforts?)

If any of these are against your choices. Please just go find another commissioner. I chose these decisions on my own views, and because no offense; but my friends mean more to me then a random face in the large DA group. I won't be missing you if you go away to find someone else. There are amazing people out there who will do whatever you please. And there are also people out there who need your money for their fallen loved ones. I am a very humbling person. But I will block drama llamas. I don't have time to create grudges against children

How Long and A little bit about me

Nami/Birdy is a very busy person. Sketches don't take me long but I will be honest to you if you commission something that will challenge me and take more time then usual to work on.
They will not take me more then 2 months. If they do, I will do your commission with no charge.

I work for a Walmart Photocentre as one of the rare closers and openers. I am a rare breed of Lab Technician who can fix the machines, work the machines, train others, fix and rechemical a film developing machine and work in other departments. The Lab relies on my ability to work with machines and fix them by throwing wrenches at them. If I am not at work, most of the time I am at school. I am in Nipissing University trying to work at a Major in Fine Arts and a possible Minor in History so I can then get a Bachelor of Education and go around the world and teach peoples artstuffs. (This is why I say CHALLENGE ME). These skecth commissions allow me to get the frig out of dodge of mentoring professors who critique my art everyday and do art that actually makes me happy. Instead of art that makes my professors happy.

On the side of school and work; I have a relationship (Fiance) of 6 years, who is either always working or working on a Bachelor of Science Majoring: Biology and Minoring Math to get a Bachelor of Education to be the awesome opposite teacher coupling that is awesome. We will rule this world! But in all honesty.. I want to spend as much time as I can with him. Because we're gross together and spending a few days away from each other kills us :<.
We also have a dog and 4 cats that require love.

I'm also a gamer and have an addiction to Pokemon X.. -COUGH << >> <<- and Flight Rising (hehe.. MarkMyBirds on that too! ADD ME PEOPLE. I WILL GIVE YOU PRETTIES)

Shut up Woman. Give me a Form!

You don't have to use this form. Just tell me Info that is based around it, and I will probably ask you questions or give you a Skype name and/or AIM if I am confused :D.

User Account: (This is only Mandatory if you are sending me an E-Mail. If you are doing this for someone else. Please give me YOUR name and differentiate who it is FOR)
Sketch Commission Type: (Please.. Understand. I sometimes get carried away and add colour to noncoloured things because I am weird like that. If you are so against colour that you don't want it. PRACTICALLY YELL AT ME LIKE THIS AND MAYBE TOSS IN SOME UNDERLINING AND BOLD AND THEN ITALICS TO SAY NO COLOUR PLEASE)
Characters: (Ref Me them. PLEASE DO ME A FAVOUR. and Tell me about them. As detailed as you can be. I don't care if their name is Mary Sue and their BFF is Puppet Man. My art needs feeling. I hate making stiff characters, as much as some of my refs are just stiff pictures.. This isn't a ref. Give me FEELINGS AND STUFF PLEASU)
Do you want Livestream?: OHH YEAH BBY I ls. :> Yes or No. Also give me a schedule ;;. If you are not on when I get to your's. I will LS it and link you to watch my saved LS of your stuff.
AIM or Skype: Say yes if you want them from me.

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  • Reading: Just finished: The Hallowed Ones


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