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Engana by MarkMyBirds
Fiedel: The Magpie by MarkMyBirds
Cobalt by MarkMyBirds
Jaw by MarkMyBirds
I'll probably add colouring. I am like that. Please specify if you do not want colour to magically pop up!
These are primarily usually doodles of whatever you want.

I will do couples for you, please don't be shy. If you want more then 2 people I will have to add more of a cost to it.
Design me a Birdth!
Bird Painting by MarkMyBirds
Even though Tiberius(The birdy's an OC) isn't a bird the moment I painted him, friendlies went crazy for them!
Give me a colour palette and if you really want to, give me a bird you'd like me to give homage to in design and/or in body? I'll have fun!
Paintings/Detailed Works
Of Gold and Silver by MarkMyBirds
Landscape for a Friend by MarkMyBirds
Blue Ref Sheet by MarkMyBirds
Bird Painting by MarkMyBirds
White Rabbit by MarkMyBirds
IDK how long these would take me but I do love painting them!
Anything over 2 characters will raise up the price!

I will do anything that is animal, anthro, humans etc. I have no preference in gender :).
I do not want to do overly smutty things.. I'm sorry just not my thing.


I don't do resolutions well but here's some I hope to work on:

My Weight~ I have been stress eating and I don't think it's a habit I can kick.. The last Semester was very difficult and I've gained some weight so.. If I stress eat maybe I should make food that'll do less damage and work at exercising more :>.
My Job is awesome.. I work for an arts and crafts store. However the hours suck and I can't live off them. So.. A second job will be a need. But probably not till after I get my semester settled.. I have a lot of homework to deal with..
Art I need to work on my personal art. I have three studios, like I did last year and I was feeling stuck in a cage with constantly just doing my own art.. I hope to also be able to not leave things to the last minute..
My Money.. Nuff said. I have a lot of events in my life to save up for.. Including being a bridesmaid and finding my way to my mother in law's wedding half way across Canada.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Emily Browning - Asleep
  • Watching: Lots of Animes.
  • Playing: Destiny and Dragon Age: Inquisition


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Emelie Janes
Random Funny Slur Here.
I need to think of something witty..

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Exclaimed - Awesome Older Sister. Go bother her with love :)!
I'm happily married to a lovely man :>.

Known formally as wolfemo




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