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I don't really have anything to show for previews besides what's in my gallery. So please feel free to view everything I have.

Why: I am opening Commissions
Please feel free to ask me questions in my journal or while noting/e-mailing me your requests.

I forgot to put this here:: my commissions e-mail is


Adding more than 2 characters to one piece of art = 2$ each new character
  • Traditional Sketch --- 5$ --- If you want hard copy please ask
  • Character Creation --- 5$ --- Fill out the Form I have under my FAQs
  • Rough Sketches no Colour --- 5$
  • Sketch/Drawing with Flat Colour --- 10$
  • Drawing with Shaded parts --- 12$
  • Painting of just Character no Background --- 18$
  • Painting of Character w/ Half Background --- 20$
How I will accept Payment
I am a Paypal type of gal.
I don't want to use Points and have to do a voodoo dance to acquire payment.
Also my prices are all CAD. I am a Canadian and every country has its own currency. Paypal has a wonderful currency changer.
If you wish to pay me in US that's fine but please understand that US currency is usually more than CAD and it SOMETIMES is less than CAD.

I hate making people antsy or wait.. I have had people wait on me after paying me and it makes me feel guilty.
I will say this. If you want to pay me to help me prior to me finishing your works I will forever love you and cherish you for this kind act. That is 100% UP TO YOU. I will never request you pay me up front for a Digital piece.
For Digital Payments
Unless under other circumstances this is how payment will go down.
  1. You e-mail me or note me your request. Please leave my journal for questions. You are welcome to add questions into your request. My e-mail is
    The more Information you give me, allows me to understand your request better. You can request WIPs of your image, please be aware these will most likely be screen shots with something disturbing the piece to keep me safe in this transaction c:. (If you prepay I will not do this to you)
  2. I will e-mail or note you back if I accept or have anymore questions for you. I will also give you my information for Paypal. I will also tell you what it tallies up to. Don't worry you don't need to guess the price I will break everything down for you.
  3. I will show you the finished piece, with something disturbing the image.
  4. If you accept the piece, you will send the money to me. I will accept it.
  5. I will send you all the files and sizes you want. The PSD will also be in this. Understand I am not someone who paints on more than one or two layers.

Questions I know I might get
What I won't Do
Pretty much these three things:
Mecha - Not that I don't love it. Mecha is my favourite anime style.. and I live for Pacific Rim. Robot parts on an OC are fine! It's just full blown Mech that I can't do. (I could probably but.. It'd take a long time)
Sexual Themes - that are too Rated R.. So essentially porn. If you want to talk to me about what this means, e-mail or note me..
Fan Art - So I will draw OCs but not characters of games, animes, books etc. I feel that drawing YOUR characters is more interesting for me? Also Fan Art usually is very personal for me to do.
What are Half Backgrounds?
Either a piece with half a background.. Or one that is not very detailed or is just an abstraction..
Like these images:
Cu Sith and Cat Sith by MarkMyBirds Prema 2012 Ref by MarkMyBirds White Rabbit by MarkMyBirds
Can I please have a nonbg and bg image?
Yes c:. PLEASE NOTE I paint on one layer.. I tend to not paint the bgs on the same layer as the characters via Commissions but JUST INCASE I do please tell me not too.
Can I crop it and redistribute it?
Yes, you paid for it you get to.. But because you can redistribute it, I can too.

And because I know your original characters are YOUR property, I will credit you. Please respect the fact I want to be credited too.
Can I crop it and make it into Icons?
You paid for it. Yes. Please though, if you delete my signature off your work or it no longer shows up.. Place my credits somewhere?
(You can even just wait for people to ask you who did it and then say it. It doesn't necessarily have to be in a status or a signature but that'd be nice.)
Can I edit it?
Again you paid for it, but please be advised that I am always welcome to edit stuff for you. I still require credit even if the image looks nothing like the one I do for you.
You will notice I paint on one layer > u>; so.. Sometimes it's easier to just request me to edit it teehee. I've been arting since I was 3, and Digitally since I was 9. So I know how to edit my works.
Do I need visual pieces to get you to draw/paint my character?
NO My husband is a writer! I am pretty good with Written Descriptions. I am also a Fine Arts Major sometimes my projects are just written descriptions.
Please work with me to make your vision come to life ♥.

5$ Character Creation Form: (Please erase my personal comments c: )
Username: (DA Username.. If you e-mail me your form I kind of want this anyways)
Species: (I can do animals, human(oids) and made up species if you have the ok from the creator of the species.. My naked refs won't have the bottom bits detailed c: )
Colours: (You can pick however amount you want c:. Please be aware unless you tell me, I may not use all of these.. So maybe split up your colours with a list of colours you can't live without and list of optional colours)
Description: (This part is for ANYTHING ELSE YOU NEED c:!)
References: (This part is if you need more slots besides Colours to show me what you'd like.. and don't want to muddy up the Description)

AND as a Disclaimer.
I have the right to decline a commission if I feel uncomfortable with what it is you want me to draw/paint.

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Book of Life OST
  • Watching: Lots of Animes.
  • Eating: Fish Sticks


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